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The atmosphere at Trinity is loving, encouraging, and respectful. We want students to discover their God-given gifts and to develop them in service to bring glory to His name. 21st century learning is our priority, helping students collaborate and think critically about the world they live in. The teaching faculty work hard to understand the needs of each student and to provide them the time and support they need to be successful. Integrating the faith is something that happens throughout the school day no matter the subject or the situation. We are called to support you in teaching your child to think, learn, and live from a Biblical worldview.

A quality education includes more than academics. Through physical education, music, foreign language, technology and other extracurricular activities, our students develop teamwork, health, sportsmanship, leadership, and musical creativity.

Trinity elementary students grow and develop in the area of language arts with a unique combination of literature, phonics, spelling, writing, and speaking. The science curriculum balances hands-on experiences with learning scientific facts, allowing our students to discover all the wonders of God's creation, and to problem-solve utilizing the scientific method. Spanish is taught in K-8, as is technology, physical education and music.

The middle school years are where young people develop their commitment to learning and discover what it means to be responsible, independent students. With more departmental experiences in middle school, students are prepared for a smooth transition into high school.

Trinity's middle school provides a positive, more differentiated 6-8th grade school climate while still connecting students as leaders in a 4K-8 setting. Developing spiritual maturity is a priority.

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